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How A Professional Audit Can Benefit Your Podcast Growth

How A Professional Audit Can Benefit Your Podcast Growth



A lot has evolved and changed for podcasting since its inception in 2003. There are now 4.1 million podcasts (and counting!), with 42% of Americans tuning in monthly. Podcast ad revenue in the United States alone is now worth $1.8B dollars.


The good news for you as a podcaster is that there are more opportunities than ever to claim authority and thought leadership in your space with your podcast as well as monetize in a multitude of ways.


However, as we know, it is more common than not to see a lack of strategy for distribution and marketing in podcasting, especially podcasts that were built to support businesses. Not only that, but the foundational pieces of the show that help maximize things like discoverability are often missing or outdated.


If you find your podcast feeling stagnant and you are yearning for growth but feeling stuck, it might be time for a professional Podcast Audit.


We offer audits here at Produce Your Podcast, and this comprehensive analysis combines not only our expertise in production but also our business development and marketing knowledge. All of this is so you feel competent and confident in the “go-forward” plan for your show.



Don’t just take our word for it:




Before we review what is in our audit, let’s review what the audit includes, for context:


  • 1.5 hours of consulting held over a live video session (recording provided after)
  • Analysis of your podcast search, discovery, strengths and weaknesses
  • Review your podcast episode content and provide detailed review of your podcast format, content and host style techniques
  • Assess audio & video quality, equipment & production process
  • Review call-to-action and monetization strategy and sponsorship opportunities
  • Recommendations to optimize marketing strategy to accelerate audience growth & drive engagement
  • Action plan of tactile next steps to up level your podcast
  • Additional 30 minute follow up consulting session



What We’ll Cover in Your Podcast Audit:


Discoverability and Reach:

Did you know, according to Rephonic’s data from the end of 2022, that the top way people find new podcasts is by search? Most people assume social media the top source, but social media is actually the third most popular way of finding new shows (#2 was recommendations from friends & family). This is a big relief for business owners and podcast hosts who might have an audience that isn’t super active on social media, or are still working through their online marketing strategy. 


Visibility & Discoverability are crucial to your success in attracting new listeners, and is the first step in our Audit together. We will take a look at things like:


  • Search Engine Optimization of your show
  • How you compare in search to your competitors
  • Ease of accessing your show through search
  • How people are finding your show based on category, titles, etc.


These strategic enhancements open doors to wider audience reach and increase the chances of capturing the attention of potential listeners. We will share these findings with you so you can see how you stack up, as well as directions to increase your discoverability in an easy-to-implement way.


Production Value & Content that Converts:

Even if you can capture new listeners, it’s important that they “stick” to your podcast, ie. they subscribe, listen to your new episodes, and become a fan of your brand through your show. Production value is crucial, so we will review your open&close, audio quality, length of episodes and presentation of content for your ideal audience.

Listener experience is important in this part of the conversation as well. Is it simple for your listeners to take action? How can you drive more engagement from your listener base?

Please note that we will share our findings with you, as well as recommendations that you can follow and implement in order to enhance your listener journey and drive more visibility, leads and sales with your show.


Business Development Strategy:

Podcasts have become more than just a means of entertainment—they are now an integral part of a business’ marketing and growth strategy. 

We will audit things like your calls-to-action, how your content is connected to your suite of offers (and how to get your offers in front of your listeners without disrupting the integrity of your content), and explore your options for monetization through external means like sponsors and advertisements. Many of our clients also monetize through things like speaking opportunities and books; we will take a deep dive into where you will have the biggest ROI from your podcast with your offers and create the map on how to get started with it.


Please know that every business has unique goals for the podcast and how it might monetize – not every person is interested in things like sponsorships, and not every person is selling the same offer to the same group of people. This is why the audit is completed and then presented live to you, along with extra consulting sessions to connect information to an implementation plan.


We have worked with podcasts supporting nonprofit organizations and small businesses up through multibillion dollar global corporations. The customized strategy and blueprint is what makes our Podcast Audits so effective.


If your podcast is yearning for growth, increased ROI, or a breakthrough a podcast audit could be the transformative catalyst you need. By investing in this evaluation, you will gain access to expert insights and actionable recommendations tailored to your podcast’s unique needs. Don’t settle for stagnation when the potential for remarkable growth awaits.



Produce Your Podcast is a premier podcast consulting, production & marketing agency. Our team of experts provides comprehensive, full service high quality solutions for B2B and B2C clients to incorporate podcasting into their overall marketing strategy. If you’re looking for a reliable partner to help launch or grow your business branded podcast and boost your sales and marketing goals, we’re here to help. 


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