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How Authors Can Leverage Podcasting

How Authors Can Leverage Podcasting


Today, authors have more opportunities than ever to connect with their readers and expand their reach and one way that has gained significant popularity is podcasting.  There are perks of podcasting for both published authors and aspiring authors. What are the Benefits for published authors? You might think, “I’ve already published my book, why would I create a podcast about it?”


There are several benefits: 


  1. Selling more books: Your podcast provides a powerful platform for authors to connect with their readers on a deeper level. By sharing insights, discussing their writing process, and offering behind-the-scenes glimpses into their work, authors can build a stronger bond with their audience. This connection can lead to increased book sales as listeners become more invested in the author’s journey and are motivated to explore their published works. 
  2. Writing more books: The podcasting medium allows authors to generate a continuous stream of content. By discussing various topics related to their genre, sharing research insights, or conducting author interviews, authors can explore ideas and delve into subjects that further ignite their creative spark. This can help in generating new book ideas, overcoming writer’s block, and ultimately producing more written works.
  3. Creates additional revenue streams: Beyond book sales, a podcast opens doors to additional revenue streams. Use your podcast as a marketing platform to promote your own goods and services such as courses, programs, or merchandise. By expanding your audience through the podcast it opens up new opportunities for collaborations, sponsorships, and partnerships generating additional income.


Are you an aspiring author but haven’t organized your thoughts to get your idea onto paper? A podcast is probably one of the easiest ways to create content; you show up, record your podcast, and develop the content through that podcast episode while reducing the overwhelm of having it all live inside your head. 


Check out these tips on how to turn a podcast into a self-published book in 90 days:


  1. You have an idea, now what? It’s time to start generating book content. Utilize your podcast to discuss your ideas, explore different perspectives, and share about your writing journey. Enjoy the process of organically developing content that will form the basis of your book. Your podcast becomes a living laboratory where ideas can be refined, stories can be developed, and concepts can be fleshed out.
  2. Test and receive feedback: Podcasting provides a rare opportunity to test out different variations of content and gather valuable feedback from listeners. Use it to experiment with different writing styles, themes, or concepts through your episodes. Engage with your audience and use feedback  to help gauge what is resonating with your target readership and make changes where necessary.
  3. Engage potential readers in advance: Launching a podcast before publishing a book enables aspiring authors to start building an audience of eager and engaged readers. By consistently delivering valuable content through the podcast, authors can attract listeners who resonate with their voice and ideas. These early adopters can become raving fans who eagerly anticipate the release of the author’s book, resulting in a built-in readership right from the start.


What can this look like? Consider someone like our client, Reenita Hora, a published author and host of True Fiction Project. Reenita uses her podcast to drive sales of her books, events and workshops. Her podcast is also a great way to build social proof for potential brand collaborations, sponsorships, TV and movie pitches. The differentiator for her was during her initial launch when we worked together to build out her concept and monetization strategy so she could see both short and long term returns on her show.



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