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How Branded Podcasts are Helping Businesses Grow

How Branded Podcasts are Helping Businesses Grow


What can a Branded Podcast do for your Business?


Social media is a powerful machine that converts consumers into brand patrons. Super Listeners 2021 by Edison Research reveals 56% of its survey participants report that their purchase intent for a product is higher, compared to other channels, when hearing ads during a podcast – in fact, a 64% higher purchase intent.


The research also discovered that 51% of the participants are more attentive to ads on podcasts compared to other media, while 86% claim to remember encountering an ad. 


These numbers are enough to entice many businesses into integrating podcasting into their marketing plans. So, what do you need to know in order to launch and grow a successful podcast for your business?


What is a Branded Podcast?


A branded podcast is essentially a tool that brands and companies use to carry out their brand mission, while subtly referencing products and services for promotion. The ultimate goal of any branded podcast is to grow the business, which includes strengthening the brand narrative and messaging.


Topics discussed on a branded podcast are relevant to the industry associated with the brand. These topics give the listeners valuable content without hyping up the brand in a “salesy” way. They also provide a platform to position the host, who is often the owner or CEO of the business, as an expert in their field. 


Opportunities in Branded Podcasts 


Everything about branded podcasts are resourceful and efficient, but the key to truly generating an ROI from them starts with understanding the potential benefits – that way, businesses can create a clear plan to meet those goals. Consider the following:


1.Builds brand awareness: A branded podcast is a great tool to expand brand awareness which is anywhere between 24% and 79% according to the Claritas study. With many companies working to expand their audiences, these are exciting statistics to read.


2.Drives traffic to other channels: Podcast episodes can be repurposed into a number of ways: blogs, industry trade articles, newsletters and social media content. A transcription of the podcast episode can add SEO rich content for the website. Repurposing content offers the target market another avenue of consuming the resources and can be linked to the podcast to grow the audience.


3.Generates leads: Increased brand awareness and a well articulated call to action make podcasting a stand out option for lead generation.  The consumer’s purchase decision is often driven by feelings that they know, like and trust the brands they’re buying from. Podcast hosts have a vantage point of creating this level of customer confidence by building a relationship with their listeners and then inviting them to do business with them.


4.Listener loyalty drives engagement: Building awareness is different from creating trust. Awareness exists on a surface level where the audience knows the brand exists. Loyalty runs deeper and involves an emotional connection with the brand resulting in them using products or services long-term, aligning with the brand’s value and advocating it to others.


The approach of branded podcasts is more value-driven instead of promotional.  Listeners are more accepting and appreciative of the brand – turning them into loyal audiences with a high percentage converting into customers.



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