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How to Engage Listeners and Potential Clients With Your Podcast

How to Engage Listeners and Potential Clients With Your Podcast


With your business branded podcast, you can hone the simple act of chatting and turn it into opportunities for business advancement. An amazing interview with a guest can land you clients, lead you to new networks, fortify your community, and accelerate your credibility – and your “solo” episodes can educate, empower, and help listeners overcome objections in the buying process. Keep reading for more!



Get Your Audience Involved


Give your listeners the opportunity to submit questions for episodes and interviews. This can be done via email, social media messages, online groups, even recorded voice messages.


Give shout outs to the people who submitted/asked questions to get them even more involved and engaged. This is a great way to create a genuine opportunity for a follow up conversation with a listener who might just be your ideal client.


Not to mention, you’re adding more value to your episodes and boosting engagement with your community, because they know you are engaging with them. This creates a personalized level of brand recognition and trust.



Tackle Sales Objections with Content in Your Podcast


Is your business using its podcast to support sales goals? Make a list of your most common objections, and create episodes that help listeners tackle those objections before they talk with you in a sales meeting.


One example: do you often get pricing objections? We suggest interviewing a client with a personal story of transformation using your product/service, and include a question as to what made the investment in your company worthwhile. Oftentimes, objections come up from simply a lack of understanding or vision. Teaching key points to create that “aha!” moment can go a long way in educating your potential buyers and helping them move forward with you.



Know Your Guests


Do your homework and research your guests (their background, work, and network) when you are doing interview episodes. Go beyond the standard questions that every interviewer asks. This will allow you to forge a stronger connection. It also makes the guests themselves feel valued that you went out of your way to make them comfortable and let them showcase their expertise in a new and exciting way. This research may even give you access to their networks which can support the promotion of your business, help land new clients, and even meet new guests.


Pro tip: Share the love! A good impression goes a long way. Send your guest a personalized thank you note after the interview and be sure to share the episode on your social media platforms, tagging them and their business. You’d be surprised at how often podcast interviews feel transactional versus relationship-driven, so these little things become very meaningful.



Have A Strong Call To Action


After preparing so much for your episode’s content, don’t just upload it and expect more clients. Podcasters, especially those who podcast to promote their business services, should direct listeners on next steps. Research shows 73% of podcast listeners are listening on their smartphones. Having a concise call to action to a webpage letting them know where they can find, for example, an e-book, simplifies it for the listener to recall later. This will help your audience know how to stay connected with you in between episodes, further building your community.



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