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How to Use Audio AND Video Effectively in Podcasting

Let’s get this out of the way before we dive in: podcasting started as an audio-only medium, and many of the top podcasts today are still audio only. You won’t be at a disadvantage should you prefer audio-only for your own show, but with the way online marketing is continuously evolving, video is becoming more of a “must have” versus a “nice to have.” Businesses across industries are starting to lean in, even if they historically haven’t been using video as a marketing tool.


When we meet with business owners and leaders who are looking to launch a new podcast (or relaunch an older show in a more dynamic way), more than half are not yet utilizing video in their marketing. They’d like to, but they are coming up against a few factors:


  1. To add an entire video version in addition to their audio show may be out of scope
  2. Recording schedules and availability might require them to do audio only so they can release episodes even amidst travel schedules, changing recording schedules, etc.
  3. Lack of understanding how to use video in their marketing so they can make their time investment meaningful

How to Get Started Incorporating Video to Your Podcast Processes:

At Produce Your Podcast, we offer live virtual studios with an engineer who is capturing your recordings, checking sound levels, etc. while you are there.


With the way the technology is set up, even if you are only doing audio, we are able to capture a raw video file as well. From there, that video footage can be turned into a number of assets such as short video clips (think: Facebook/Instagram stories, Youtube Shorts, Reels, Tik Tok, etc), 2-4 minute videos (Youtube, LinkedIn feed, Facebook feed, blogs on website, etc.), short videograms promoting the episode, and more.


For the host, this means their final episodes are still fully produced and distributed in audio form, but they now have multiple video assets that can be used in their marketing. And should they decide to later start releasing the fully produced video episodes as well, the process for them doesn’t change – they don’t add extra recording time and there is no interruption to their episode release schedule.


More often than not, the host ends up enjoying having those clips at their disposal so much that they do end up adding the full-on video version of their episodes. As an added bonus, when an audience gets used to seeing more video clips, they naturally start to look for the full video episodes – making it a fun rollout and announcement if you do later decide to go all-in on video episodes in addition to marketing clips.

Over the past year, several of our clients have strategically decided to introduce video elements into their podcasting workflows, and the results have been impressive.

Meet one of our clients, Inside Design, who has added video to their previously audio-only podcast:

When Inside Design (hosted by Joann Kandrac and Kelly Kole) added video, one of the standout benefits was the seamless integration of existing visuals. This allowed them to showcase their projects on their website, putting their work on full display. They also had the opportunity to highlight awards and recognition from their peers in the industry, reinforcing their authority and credibility.


The transition to video podcasting also brought with it a significant increase in social media engagement. With video content at their disposal, “Inside Design” could double the number of social media posts they generated, now creating not only audiograms but also captivating video reels, perfect for platforms like Instagram Stories and TikTok – without adding extra time required of them to create more content.


Interested in exploring how to integrate video to your podcast strategy in a way that is simple for you? Send us a message to get in touch and discuss!

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