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How to Write Good Podcast Descriptions

To market your podcast effectively, you need to write good podcast descriptions. For your show description, start by introducing your podcast, mention key points from the episode and explain what your podcast is all about. You can leverage SEO, or search engine optimization, by selecting a keyword to get your podcast found more easily.


You might be limited by the number of characters, depending on where you post your podcast description. Hosting platforms will have different requirements. Try to write a different variation of your podcast descriptions for each platform. Duplicate content can affect your search engine ranking, so get used to writing your description in alternate ways.


Edit your podcast descriptions and get someone you trust to read it through. They will likely spot something you missed. Here, we have some tips for writing good podcast descriptions.


5 Tips for Writing Good Podcast Descriptions


Start at the Beginning


Write a short sentence or two to describe your podcast with the industry or niche that your podcast is all about. It might be financial advice or relationships. Then, write about what makes your podcast unique. What is special about your financial advice, for example? You might wish to include some SEO or search engine optimization by including a keyword to help Google and other search engines identify who will enjoy your podcast.

Introduce the Host


Introduce yourself as the host and share your expertise and knowledge. There’s significant competition for podcasts, so potential listeners will want to know what makes you trustworthy and how you will enhance their lives. This is a great place to include what makes you unique. Perhaps you ask challenging questions or share personal details your audience can relate to.


Who is Your Podcast For?


Describe your target audience in your podcast description so potential listeners can identify whether or not your podcast is what they’re looking for. Asking a question in your introduction can be a good way for potential listeners to relate to you and decide whether your podcast will offer the advice they seek.

Include a Good Image


Your podcast cover is just as important as your podcast introduction. Your image should be high-quality and look professional. Image choice is critical as audiences will identify more with brands that are congruent with their own values.


Set Expectations


Let potential listeners know what to expect from your podcast episodes. How often do you post an episode, and what day and time? What is the general layout of an episode? Will the host interview experts in each episode? Or will they be sharing their own story? Also, make sure you share details of your podcast goals.


FAQs: How to Write Good Podcast Descriptions


How to Write Good Podcast Descriptions


You should introduce the hosts, describe your podcast, and share the host’s experience and qualifications. Also mention the benefits of listening to your podcast.


What Should I Include in a Podcast Description


Include the host’s name, expertise, the topic, and a USP.


How Long Should a Podcast Description Be?


As long as it needs to be to introduce your podcast, you might have restrictions depending on the podcast platform. Write two paragraphs at minimum.


Final Word: How to Write Good Podcast Descriptions


You will need to write good podcast descriptions to attract and retain listeners of your podcast episodes. There are many ways to market your podcast, but an effective description will accurately describe your podcast, introduce the hosts, and share your expertise. It will also give listeners an idea of the benefits to listening to your podcast. Take a look at the tips above to see how you can write good podcast descriptions.


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