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{Inside the Audit} An 80% Increase in Downloads After 7 Days

Welcome to a special series we are hosting this month on our blog! “Inside the Audit” pulls back the curtain of our Podcast Power Audits, where we review the foundational elements of a podcast for searchability, discovery and optimization AND the marketing and business development strategy that surrounds the show.

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One of the most powerful parts of any audit is the discoverability review.

When we first met with Profit First Nation, they were getting close to “relaunching” the show – not necessarily in terms of a brand new show, but returning to releasing content after about a one year hiatus and upleveling parts of the show, as well as announcing new offers for the listeners to convert into.


One of the biggest opportunities we found was the way the podcast was showing up in search – many of their episode titles were not search optimized, which created a big opportunity to expand their visibility and reach.

Action item taken: Optimize the titles of the entire back catalog of the podcast for discoverability and search.



Optimizing the episode titles led to an exciting result: 80% of the total monthly downloads occurred in the seven day window after optimization! To put this in perspective, 30% of her year-to-date total downloads, spanning from January to June, were achieved within this very same week.

What can YOU do with this information?

Ask yourself the following questions:


Am I utilizing the full character count of my show description, including search optimized keywords?


When I am uploading my episode titles, am I doing it based on SEO practices or am I coming up with the titles on my own?


Do I know how my podcast fares in search rankings and what other shows/results pop up when I review my show? Are those things aligned to help position me for more audience growth?


There are many more elements to the discoverability piece; the above questions are designed to help you clarify if you are optimizing your show or not.


If not, we recommend using this as a jumping off point to build out your growth strategy. After all, search is the second most popular way people find new podcasts – even more so than via social media!


Need a closer look at your own podcast? Wondering what else you need to do to take your show to the next level? 

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