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Top 3 Reasons Organizations & Teams Struggle to See ROI From Their Podcast

Top 3 Reasons Organizations & Teams Struggle to See ROI From Their Podcast


Podcasting has emerged as a popular and effective medium for businesses to connect with their audience, showcase expertise, and generate revenue. However, many organizations launch the show only to find themselves wondering where the disconnect is between the time spent on their show and their desired results from doing so. Below are 3 of the most common reasons organizations struggle with their podcasts. Do you see any of these in your own organization?



Lack of Measurable Results and/or Lack of Dedicated Workflows/People:


This issue manifests itself in exploratory conversions with our team in a few ways:


  • “I do send the podcast episodes to the team every week, but I don’t see it in any of our marketing.”
  • “I told the team to subscribe and tune in but I don’t think that’s happening… I don’t see the podcast when I see our marketing and communications.”
  • “I mean, sending episodes to prospects is outlined in our SOPs, so it should be happening.”


Imagine being part of a podcast team where tasks are assigned, episodes go live, and conversations about posting and reaching prospects occur…. And the story ends there. This lack of clear ownership leads to confusion, miscommunication, and, most importantly, the absence of measurable results.


In one exploratory conversation our team had with an organization, our questions around who was tracking podcast results (in this specific instance: consultations booked from the show’s CTAs and how many new clients were indicating they are a podcast listener on intake forms) were met with uncertainty. Statements like, “I think _______ would be in charge of that,” “Actually, _______ would probably have the stats on that, I’m not sure” and “Well, we all kind of work on that throughout the week, I assume that’s happening for everyone” were what we heard on that call.


Without proper tracking and measurement, it becomes nearly impossible to evaluate the podcast’s success or identify areas for improvement. This lack of accountability and data can severely hinder the growth potential of the podcast.



Internal Disagreement over Defining the Goals (Or 0 Conversation About Goals At All!):


An organization might have a podcast on the calendar, but if the goals behind it remain ambiguous, “success” becomes merely a buzzword. Lack of clarity about the podcast’s purpose and objectives can create a disconnect between team members, leading to confusion and different interpretations of what the show is supposed to achieve.


In conversations with an organization where the show host (a leader in the company) was feeling frustrated around their team’s commitment and results around growing their show, we quickly discovered the absence of specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART) goals.


When we asked the host about the goals for the show, the responses were a little vague:  “we just want to grow more” or “we’d like to generate revenue from it” lack the necessary precision to guide the podcast’s strategy effectively. And because the host lacked clarity as to the show’s purpose, the onus was shifted to internal team members without a blueprint of how to utilize the podcast. In fact, that specific team wasn’t actually involved in the planning and preparation of the podcast, so the team was unintentionally avoiding the podcast in their sales and marketing work!



Lack of Understanding in How to Market and Grow the Show:


This one builds upon the call recap we shared above. Because the internal team was given the podcast without clear direction and guidance, the marketing results quickly became inconsistent and the show was being neglected.


This particular podcast host was very complimentary of the brilliance of their team members, which made it even more confusing as to why they weren’t able to successfully elevate the show. 


Knowing the caliber of talent on that team, we quickly got to work repositioning the podcast with the team members. Instead of the show just being “that podcast thing” we built out workflows and verbiage that would transform the show into a library of content. The marketing team was encouraged to use the audio for blog posts and social media captions, email newsletter content, and more.  The sales team was encouraged to use the library of episodes to help nurture their sales prospects. Leaders in the company used the episodes that were focused on storytelling/background of the organization for board members and shareholders to get them engaged with the show, too.


Aligning the podcast with the things this team already understood and was great at meant they were simply integrating the show into their existing workflows versus having to start a brand new system with tons of added time and questions.





Launching a podcast can be an exciting endeavor for any organization, but it requires careful planning and execution to achieve success. By addressing the challenges of lack of measurable results, undefined goals, and marketing struggles, businesses can unlock the full potential of their podcast. 


Clear ownership, SMART goal-setting, and a supportive marketing approach can transform a podcast from a mere addition to a powerful asset that drives growth and success. With these elements in place, organizations can embrace podcasting as a strategic tool to connect with their audience, elevate their brand, and achieve their business objectives.



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