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Unlock the Power of Messaging

Unlock the Power of Messaging: How to Engage Your Podcast Audience


If you are hosting a podcast to support your organization’s growth goals and struggling to attract new listeners, it is likely a marketing message challenge. After all, if your messaging is weak, your potential listeners won’t know what they stand to gain from tuning in and you run the risk of them scrolling past your show promotions online.


The Biggest “Miss” We See in Podcast Promotions


First and foremost think about the listener’s goal: what’s in it for them in your episode? Then outline the three main points they will learn. With so many messages competing for attention, you need to create a caption that captures your listener’s attention and entices them. Make it juicy and exciting, so they’ll be eager to tune in. Use a hook that speaks to their desires, and make it crystal clear what they’ll gain from listening.


Three Key elements: 


    1. Hook Your Audience: Capture their attention with a message that speaks directly to their goals and desires. Ask yourself: what is the main result that your listener is looking for? What problem do they need to solve? Use this information to create a hook that will entice them to keep reading.
    2. Provide Value in Three Points(x, y and z): By offering three key points or takeaways that will help your listener achieve their desired result. The key here is to be specific and actionable. Don’t just promise general advice or information – give your listener concrete steps they can take to achieve their goal.
    3. Don’t forget a Call-to-Action: Make this clear and specific. Don’t assume that your listener knows what to do next – tell them exactly where to go and what to do. Make sure that the link you provide is easy to follow and doesn’t require too many clicks or steps.


How to Drive Growth With Your Podcast: Takeaways


For example, we often see episode promotions that say things like, “I really enjoyed this episode with (guest) – it was enlightening, had some surprises, and we had some good laughs. Tune in to join the party!”


While this is a fun caption to read, as a brand new potential listener, there’s nothing in here that feels like a hook or benefit for them as a listener. And, without any additional context or prior knowledge, it isn’t clear what the episode topic even is.


Instead, we like to see captions like, “If you want to (their goal), this conversation with (guest) has it all – main point 1, main point 2, main point 3. Tune in for this engaging conversation (that has a few surprises and laughs, too!) if you are interested in (their goal).” This way, you are speaking in a way that a new listener is more enticed to listen, and you still get to inject a bit of personality and fun into your promotions.




One Click Convenience


Another key factor to consider is convenience. In the fast-paced world of online media, a 3 minute search to try to find a podcast/resource/etc. might as well be 3 years! You need to make it as easy as possible for your potential listeners. Provide ONE link to your episode, either on your website or through a podcast player. Don’t make listeners or interested parties work to find what they’re looking for or you run the risk of them giving up and clicking away for good.


Social Proof is a Power Lever


Social proof is an essential element of your messaging strategy when promoting your podcast. It’s all about answering the question, “Will this (solution in the episode) work for me?” or “Will this conversation positively benefit me?”


Your potential listeners want to know if the content within your episode(s) has helped people like them achieve the results they want. That’s why sharing stories and testimonials from other listeners who have found success with your content is so important. If you have a client or other audience feedback about a topic you are speaking on, utilize that in your promotions for your aligned episodes!


For example,

“Our client X wasn’t sure about video marketing at first – but after implementing some of our key strategies, she saw (result). Tune into today’s episode to learn (main point 1), (main point 2) and (main point 3).” When we think about the history of storytelling, we all know it is a powerful tool that humans have been using for thousands of years. Social proof stories are one of the principles that can make a big difference in attracting new listeners as well as retaining existing listeners.



Take the time to share testimonials and success stories, highlighting the ways your content/teachings/inspiration has helped people like your potential listeners achieve their goals. The most effective messaging is all about telling a compelling story, starting with your hook, 3 value points and your Call-to-Action. Make your potential listeners feel like they’re part of something exciting and valuable. Provide a clear roadmap of what they’ll learn, and make it as easy as possible for them to access your content. With these strategies, you’ll be well on your way to building a more engaged and loyal audience.


Produce Your Podcast is a premiere podcasting consulting, production and marketing agency. Our team of experts provide comprehensive and high quality solutions for B2B and B2C clients to incorporate podcasting into their overall marketing strategy.



Produce Your Podcast is a premier podcast consulting, production & marketing agency. Our team of experts provides comprehensive, full service high quality solutions for B2B and B2C clients to incorporate podcasting into their overall marketing strategy. If you’re looking for a reliable partner to help launch or grow your business branded podcast and boost your sales and marketing goals, we’re here to help. 


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