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A Riverside.fm Guide Including Tips & Riverside.fm Pricing

For those thinking of starting a podcast, there’s a wealth of knowledge and options available online. One name that will constantly appear is Riverside.fm. The company has made it big because it makes podcasting relatively easy.


So, in this article, we look at Riverside.fm, Riverside.fm pricing and whether or not it’s suitable for your podcast.


What is Riverside.fm?


Riverside.fm is an online recording studio software solution. The software was designed for recording remote podcasts between hosts and guests, but can also be used to record solocasts. Recordings can be made up with just audio or with HD video. The functions will feel very familiar to those who have used Zoom, but there are some significant differences between the two. For instance, Riverside has better audio and video quality.


Because of the ease of use, Riverside.fm has been used by numerous big brands. But there are also some negatives about the issues, which we will cover later.


Riverside.fm Key Features


Riverside.fm was built for podcasters but has now expanded to offer services such as streaming, webinars, video interviews, panel discussions, and other online community get-togethers. The key features we’ll focus on are those related to podcasting.


So, what are those key features?


Record Interviews Online


There are so many different ways to record podcasts with guests or other co-hosts. There is the option to use Zoom, Google Hangouts, FaceTime, Skype, etc. By interviewing guests online, podcasters can access a wider and more varied talent pool of guests. This can enhance the quality of podcast episodes, offer more engagement with audiences, and improve outreach.


But what makes Riverside.fm different from other online options is that the system uses ‘local recording’ technology. This means the recordings take place on the local device, not online. This strategy prevents audio quality issues from happening when the internet connection is unreliable.


Using ‘local recording’ also means that Riverside.fm allows for WAV files and HD video files.


Recordings are then uploaded from the local device to Riverside’s cloud in real-time, a feature known as ‘progressive uploading’. These are uploaded in chunks to improve quality control and prevent internet outages or bandwidth errors preventing the entire audio/video from uploading.


The result is an impressive audio track that demonstrates no glitches, unstable audio, or dropouts.


Separate Audio Tracks


One feature that can help in the editing room is the separate audio file for each participant. It makes it easier to make changes if two guests have accidentally talked over one another or there is an unexpected noise in the background of one of the guests/hosts that disrupts the quality of the audio. This feature is thanks to the local recording element, which uploads all the recordings separately. These files are uncompressed, 24-bit WAV files.


Separate Video Tracks


Many podcasts aren’t just using audio now, they’re adding video to their streams. These high-resolution videos with podcast audio are uploaded to numerous platforms, including

YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook. Video is also a great way to increase the amount of content a creator can use from a single session. Therefore, hosts can be more productive with their podcast recording and reach a wider audience.


Backup of Recordings


Riverside.fm creates a backup of all session recordings. These are on a single-track file and stored in a lower quality than the original recording. These backups can be a great way to make clips for social media. They can also be good for noting content edits.


Live Streaming/Listener Call-Ins


One of the latest trends for podcasting is listener call-ins and live streaming. This is made possible with Riverside.fm. Live streams can be unpredictable but offer excellent opportunities to boost realism and confidence in the brand. Live streaming is possible with simultaneous streams on social media platforms such as Twitter, YouTube, or Facebook.


Another option is to invite audience members to join the podcast. They can ask questions, share their opinion, or perhaps offer reviews online for what they’ve heard. Live interaction is one way to build trust with audiences and improve engagement.


Live SFX


Within the producing sessions, there is a ‘Media’ tab. Within the tab, there are 12 pads, each containing a range of audio effects that can be added to your podcast. Hosts or producers can click on these to add new elements to the show. There are numerous options, like applause, swooshes, laughing, and other effects.




The ‘magic editor’ on Riverside.fm has a range of features for you to edit the recordings for a finish that some podcasters may like. For instance, it can clip the start and end of the records and easily export the file.


There’s also a fantastic AI system that will switch the view on a video to whoever is talking. Those with limited editing skills may appreciate this feature as it saves time and energy.


The Magic Editor allows the host to choose the size of the video export. Therefore, you can upload the video in the best format for the channel you’re uploading to.


Text-Based Editing


A transcription feature utilizes AI to transcribe all recordings you have. It can detect the language used from more than 100 languages. There’s also a text-based editor. Type in the section you want to find, and the system finds that section in the podcast for easy editing. This is a feature numerous individuals find helpful as it can speed up post-production.




Content creators who want to say specific things in the show but struggle to memorize a script can use the teleprompter feature. The smooth script reading can improve the recording of episodes. The smooth scrolling allows hosts to continue to read the script and keep eye contact with the camera. Therefore, your recordings can seem natural and engaging.


Show Notes


The AI Show Notes Writer is another tool that podcasters can use. The AI will analyze the recordings and create a summary including all the key points, chapters, and timestamps.

Many podcasters use this feature to improve SEO for the podcast. And it saves time because there’s no manual work.


Mobile App


For those on the move, the Riverside.fm software has an app version that allows for smooth recording of sessions while on the move.


Riverside.fm Pricing


Riverside.fm pricing is relatively easy to understand. There are three plans to select from, each with benefits and disadvantages. The free plan is one that some people practice on and use. It allows for two hours of separate video and audio tracks but doesn’t allow for any live streams, and you can’t upload high-quality audio or video.


The standard plan costs $15 per month on an annual commitment. It allows for five hours of audio per month. And there’s also the Pro plan, which costs $24 per month on an annual plan. The plan allows for more advanced features, like live call-ins and unlimited transcripts. You can also enquire about the customized business packages.


Advantages of Using Riverside.fm


For those who are just getting into podcasting and don’t have a lot of resources, then using Riverside.fm might seem like a good deal. Several benefits are suitable for small podcasters, such as the following points.


Ease of Use


Riverside.fm is pretty easy to use. Most of the options available are just a click away. It might be useful if you don’t have editing skills or the funds to hire a podcast editor. But there’s going to be a learning curve for many.


Saving Time


Many of the Riverside.fm tools and applications use AI and other technology that helps to reduce the time to complete podcasts. The more time you save on producing the podcast, the more time you can spend on marketing the podcast or doing other work.


Added Effects


Whether you’re looking for small sound effects or music, Riverside.fm has some sound effects to add to any podcast production at the click of a button. These effects can differentiate some podcasts from competitors.


Disadvantages of Riverside.fm


While there are some advantages of Riverside.fm, some downsides can make business leaders think twice about using the software program. Here are some of those drawbacks that you should be aware of.


Limited Use


While Riverside.fm sounds like it’s going to be great across applications, Riverside.fm can only be used on Google Chrome. This could be limiting if you don’t like the web browser. And using it on a mobile device can be just as limiting, as certain apps are required to make it work on mobile devices. You might need to change how you browse the internet to use the application.


Quality Isn’t Guaranteed


While Riverside.fm does its best to offer the best quality recording, some issues are outside their control. Everyone involved in the production of the podcast must have quality equipment.


Everything from the computer to the microphone needs to be high quality. If any of the equipment is not up-to-scratch, then the quality of the recording is going to be of lower quality. Therefore, spend time researching the best equipment for recording your podcast. And you might also need to look at the best computer to have.


Another factor is background noise. When you’re looking to record a podcast, it is best to find a spot that is quiet and free from distractions. If you’re not in the right place, you could have additional noises in the background that can lower the quality of the finished podcast.


AI Quality Can Be Troublesome


Riverside.fm is very advanced with some of the technology. A lot of AI is utilized within their software and while there are some benefits, such as time-saving, and cost-cutting, there are also issues. AI isn’t 100% accurate. There can be hidden mistakes that can cause significant issues during post-production. For example, the AI can switch the view of the video depending on who is speaking, but relying on this can mean that a noise in the background brings the video of the wrong person to the screen.


Using AI for completing all the show notes and relying on that can also be less than perfect. You need to check all the content yourself, ensuring there are no mistakes. AI is great for hearing the words, but there are some issues. For example, those with a strong accent can reduce the

accuracy of the show notes.


That isn’t to say that AI can’t be a useful addition to the process. There are many instances when AI can be a great addition to the podcasting platform. Therefore, those who utilize AI should maintain some element of human checking.


Recording Issues


Many reviewers of the platform have noticed that there can be recording issues. While these are supposed to be fixed with the local recording, it doesn’t guarantee success. Internet issues can cause significant downtime which can disrupt live streams and other elements.


Feature Deficiency


Some users have complained that there is a lack of features that make it any more effective than some of the free options available on the internet.


Lack of Experience


While you might get all the software you need for creating a podcast, you don’t get the expertise or all the graphics and strategy to make a success of your new creation. You can only get that with expert podcast consultants at an agency. This can be one of the biggest issues for would-be podcasters. If you want your podcast to be a success you might want to have the help and support of experts.


Who Has Riverside.fm Been Designed For?


Riverside.fm often mentions that it has been used by some of the biggest brands, including TED, Marvel, Microsoft, and more. Therefore, you might be mistaken that the software is for bigger brands. But it’s probably not the right audience for the software.


Riverside.fm is more for the smaller podcast hosts, those who don’t have a team or the funds to employ the additional staff or expert help to get the podcasts out to the public. For those who might be considering the podcast as a hobby or a small business that wants to build a presence through podcasting but doesn’t have funds for the expertise or a dedicated team, then

Riverside.fm might be suitable.


Smaller businesses lacking relevant podcasting skills, such as writing and editing, might also find Riverside.fm useful.


Brands that want to make a real impact and generate significant returns from podcasting might want to consider a Podcast agency.


Why Use A Podcast Agency for Your Podcast


An alternative might be to use a podcast agency or a podcast production company to help you create your podcast. Some podcast production companies use Riverside.fm or a similar program to help them get their clients’ podcasts recorded but, if this is the case, then it is likely that the costs for Riverside.fm have been included in their fees.


A podcast agency has many benefits that can help businesses with their podcasts, such as the following.


Tailored Services


While Riverside.fm is helping numerous businesses to record their podcasts and then edit them for publishing, few other functions can help a podcast become popular. An agency offers more services from graphical work, marketing strategies, and even equipment support can be offered to help you get going.


And if you’ve got some talents within your business, but you need help within other areas, then the agency can offer the right services for you, at a budget that is going to be suitable for your needs.




Riverside.fm doesn’t offer you the expertise you need for your business podcast to perform well. That can only be offered by the experienced individuals who work inside an agency. And with their wealth of knowledge, they have information on everything from pre-production to getting your podcast noticed.


They will also know how best to monetize your podcast. And this can be an important part of making a return on a podcast.


Better Production Value


While Riverside.fm does have some editing features, these are not at the standard that you might get from a podcast agency or even a freelance podcast editor. These people are better at mixing video and audio, and can also mix in advertising and other elements to provide polished podcast episodes that will attract audiences.


In addition, they might have access to better intro music and sound effects to improve the performance of these elements of your podcast.




Podcast agencies will include strategy sessions that can help you learn how to make the best of the content you publish, from your publishing schedule to the content. They can also look at statistics to let you know how episodes are performing and whether there are weaknesses in the current efforts that cause problems. Strategy meetings are perfect for getting the most from your podcast.


Time Efficiency


In the long term, podcast agencies can improve time efficiency when working on a podcast so you can spend more time on other activities such as taking enquiries or working on projects.

Time efficiency is often achieved through their expertise.


Additional Marketing


One of the best benefits of a podcast production company is that they like to display their current shows and acts as an additional marketing avenue for you. While the impact won’t be significant, it is a good step. They will also tell you what marketing avenues are going to be more effective. This might include offering you chances to appear on Instagram, X (formerly Twitter), or LinkedIn.


Reduces Costs


While you will need to pay for the services of a podcast agency, generally speaking, you can save money utilizing the services of a podcast agency. For instance, a podcast agency might be using Riverside.fm as a recording solution, but are likely going to be using an enterprise level, and the costs are shared among all of their customers.


Therefore, you will get the benefits of the recording program that the agency is utilizing at a fraction of the cost. Not only that you will have lower costs for elements such as writing teams, editing, and marketing materials because these costs will spread over numerous clients.


Better Definition of Your Podcast


One of the biggest mistakes of new podcasts is that there’s no defined audience, format, or niche. And this can lead to a disjointed show that doesn’t appeal to any audience and it causes significant issues. What then happens is that the showrunner becomes disappointed because there are no good results and the podcast fails.


With an agency, you can get everything sorted, with lots of elements such as the structure, topics, audience target and more sorted in strategy meetings. As a result, you can increase the chance that your podcast will be more successful.


Final Word: A Riverside.fm Guide Including Tips & Riverside.fm Pricing


Riverside.fm is one of the most well-known podcasting recording programs used for numerous applications. One of the best uses is for podcasters to record their episodes on the program for publication. With both audio and video options, the system can be very versatile as it uses technology that utilizes local recording and simple editing techniques.


Pricing can also be very affordable for hobby or small business podcasters who don’t want to

spend too much on their first ventures into podcasting. But that doesn’t mean that Riverside.fm can replace hiring a podcast agency to make your next podcast adventure a success. Riverside.fm doesn’t have the expert advice, support, or help to make the difference between a success and a failure.


You might get access to Riverside.fm through a podcast agency but also benefit from the expertise and skills of the agency to have a more polished cache of episodes that make you an authority in your field.


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