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The 5 Podcast Trends 2024 You Need to Know

Whether you’re a seasoned podcast host or new to podcasting, you’ll want to keep your podcast episodes current. It can be challenging to remain consistent with your program style and keep up with the current podcast trends, but you should consider them.


With Produce Your Podcast, you can embrace the podcast trends of 2024 and stay true to your branding. It might be daunting, but your listeners will expect an up-to-date podcast series, so you should try to get on board with new trends.


How to Embrace New Podcast Trends


Embrace Your USP


When reviewing your podcast program and the potential trends you might wish to explore, remind yourself of your USP or unique selling point. Your USP makes your podcast stand out from the many other podcast series. What makes you the best podcast in your field? What’s particular about the identity of your podcast? Regularly review your USP to stay on track.


Even if you plan to embrace a new trend, it has to fit within your ideals and beliefs. For example, if you host a podcast supporting listeners to achieve a healthy diet and a new protein shake trend emerges, if you have openly declared that there won’t be a single protein shake on your diet plan, don’t try and fit in with this trend, no matter how popular it is on TikTok!


Embrace Trends You’re Interested In


When considering which podcast trends 2024 you want to include in your podcast, make sure you only choose trends you’re interested in. Select a trend that you can try and share your stories and experiences to drive knowledge of developments within your niche.


Embrace Trends You Can Commit To


Try to choose podcast trends you can commit to. Trends do come and go, but you want to make sure the trends you embrace are ones that you’ll be interested in the future. You might also want to ensure that your peers in your niche are interested in the trend you’re considering talking about.


Although you want to build anticipation with your audience and attract your listeners to tune in regularly as episodes are released, you’ll also get plenty of listeners finding your series later and catching up on previous episodes. Choose trends that will resonate with your audience in the future and have longevity.


If you’re unsure if a future podcast trend is for you and your brand, consider inviting a guest to your show to find out more. This will help your listeners decide whether this new trend is one they want to embrace. Having a conversation with your guest about a new finding or thought is what podcasting is all about.


Embrace the Success of a Trend


It can be easy to dismiss podcast trends, but some are here to stay. Consider the Spotify Advertising plans that enable podcast hosts to manage the adverts of their podcast program, much like PPC, or Pay Per Click on Facebook and other social marketing platforms. This summer they also added advert analytics.


Embrace the Hurdles


You might be wondering what happens if your listeners don’t get on board with this trend, or worse, what if they don’t like it and listener numbers take a dip? Try not to worry if you have a setback. Take some time to consider what went wrong and how you can correct the mistake and make future improvements.


Look back at your best episodes – what was special about them? Go through reviews or emails from fans and see what they enjoyed about your previous episodes. Strategize and plan your future episodes to get back on track.


Here are five Podcast Trends for 2024


Niche Podcasts


You might think you only have a small following, but that might be all you need. Perhaps you want to share your knowledge on a very niche subject or attract an audience from a location with a small population. Knowing what you want to achieve from your podcast can help when you have a podcast that’s very niche. A small audience supported by your podcast can be all you need to make for a worthwhile and meaningful experience.


Live stream podcasts


The advantage of a live-stream podcast is that you can engage with your listeners. This might be through live chat, social media, or even call-ins. If you’re already having regular conversations with guests, you might find the transition to livestream easier than you think.


Cross-Platform Promotion


Having your website to support your podcast and engaging with many other marketing activities will continue to be big in 2024. Having a website and a mailing list enables your fans to stay in contact with you and have access to your previous episodes.


Edutainment Podcasts


These are podcasts that educate and entertain at the same time. Many adults embrace the lifelong learning experience and spend their free time learning new knowledge in a fun way instead of studying to pass a test. An entertaining educational podcast episode is ideal for these listeners. If you’re teaching your listeners, think about how to make it more fun!


Will AI get more involved?


AI developments are interesting, perhaps it will be involved in some podcasts, but generally, listeners are looking for authentic conversations. Real-life experiences and honest discussions in podcasts can’t be replicated by AI. Much like AI writing, it’s easily identifiable, and people are looking for something real.


FAQ: The 5 Podcast Trends for 2024


What are the latest Podcast Trends?


The current trends are quite similar to the podcast trends of 2024. Conversations are big, as is the use of advertising, social media, and cross-promotion. Taking control of your advertising increased in 2023.


How Do You Produce a Great Podcast?


Make sure your podcast episodes are inspiring and innovative. Keep up with current podcast trends to stay ahead of the competition but remain true to your vision.


What are the Podcast Trends for 2024


The top podcast trends for 2024 include livestreams, edutainment, cross-platform, and possibly AI!


Final Word: The 5 Podcast Trends 2024 You Need to Know


Each January, we ask ourselves, what can we do to improve our podcast this year? If you want to embrace a new trend, perhaps a general trend like livestreaming or a trend specific to your niche then give it a try! Think about how the trend will fit with your USP and voice, work out how you’ll write it into an episode, and perhaps arrange for an expert to chat with you about this new trend.


Audiences listen to find out what they need to enhance their lives.  Embracing new trends can help them learn new things alongside you.


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