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Are Podcasts Audio or Visual?

When you start your podcast, you will need to decide whether you would like to produce an audio-only show or if you would like to record a video as well. Either way, you’ll need to create a professional, high-quality podcast. In this article, we consider: are podcasts audio or visual or both? We’ll help you decide the best option for your B2B brand.


Are Podcasts Audio or Visual?


An audio podcast is just a recording of an audio show. You must record a high-quality sound to give your audience an enjoyable listening experience. This way, you can build your followers, gain leads for your business as you build trust, and reach more potential clients through word-of-mouth marketing.


Recording a video podcast requires additional equipment; think about lighting, decor, etc. Consider where everyone will sit and how the hosts and guests will interact on the video. A podcast video is not the same as recording a video in the traditional sense. A podcast video is a recording of the conversation as the host and guests would do on an audio-only podcast.


What Are the Advantages of Video or Audio Podcasts?


A video podcast can help the audience relate to the host, co-hosts, and guests. It enables them to read their body language, and emotions and get to know them better. However, many people enjoy listening to podcasts while working and when traveling.


An audio podcast is more convenient for busy listeners and may particularly suit a B2B podcast. You can offer both options, as some people have a preference for either audio or visual entertainment.


It is more cost-effective to run an audio-only podcast. It requires less equipment and time and could be easier to fit into your busy work schedule. However, if your video podcasts take off, they could be a great way to increase your reach, build trust, and for your audience to get to know you.


YouTube and other streaming platforms offer increased ability to engage with your podcast, such as liking videos and leaving comments.


Where Can You Publish Audio and Video Podcasts?


You can publish audio-only podcasts on video streaming platforms, they might not get as much traffic as they would if they had a video component. You will also need to create a placeholder image, perhaps your cover art or an image of the host, co-host, and guests.


You can publish your audio podcast on all the major podcast platforms, such as Spotify and Apple Podcasts. You can’t post a video on these platforms, so if you were to produce a video-only podcast, you would be limited to where you can publish it.


You might want to consider recording video as an additional task that could help you reach a wider audience. However, producing videos does require significant time to record, edit, and market.


Whichever platform you publish your podcast, whether it’s video or audio, you should make the most of your show description. Use keywords for SEO (search engine optimization) to help potential listeners to find your show.


Should Your Podcast be Audio and Visual?


You could combine audio and video podcasting, so you have the best of both worlds. If you record a video component, you can publish the audio podcast on audio-only platforms like Spotify and Apple Podcasts. You can then edit the video and transcripts and publish a video podcast on video streaming platforms like YouTube and Vimeo.


This way, you can cross-promote different platforms, reach more potential listeners, and reduce the additional workload. You can offer your listeners flexibility, they can listen to the audio version if they’re traveling, but fancy watching a visual podcast they can tap into your video version instead.


You could have different sponsorships for each format which could help increase the revenue you generate from just one recording. Whether you choose a video or audio podcast, or both you need to be consistent and reliable with the release of each episode. You must also produce a high-quality, inspiring show. If you are unsure of how to achieve this consider consulting with a podcast production agency like Produce Your Podcast.


FAQs: Are Podcasts Audio or Visual?

Can Your Podcasts Be on YouTube?


You can publish both audio and video podcasts on YouTube and other video streaming platforms. If your podcast is audio only you will need a placeholder image on the screen as a minimal amount of visual content.


Should I produce Video as well as Audio podcasts?


Recording a video component can increase your reach as you can reach those who like to watch videos.

Can you earn revenue from Video Podcasts?


Yes, but you do need to have a significant number of followers to reach partner level on YouTube. You should consider sponsorship for your podcast.


Final Word: Are Podcasts Audio or Visual?


Your podcast can be audio only or visual as well. The only difference between an audio and video podcast is that the video podcast is also recorded visually. Usually, a podcast video consists of a video recording of the host or hosts and guests looking into a camera and talking on a microphone. The episode length will be the same as a visual podcast as will the content, subject, and style of your show.


A key advantage of producing a video podcast as well as audio is that you can show your podcast on more platforms and reach a bigger audience. For example, you can post your videos on YouTube and other video streaming platforms.


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