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The Benefits of Podcasts for Business Startups

You would be mistaken if you think that podcasting is just for established businesses. Podcasting is for all businesses, no matter at what stage they’re at. Even business startups can experience positive results from podcasting. In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of podcasts for business startups.


Brand awareness


The first thing to consider is that you’re going to expand brand awareness with audiences. Marketing is always about getting your name in front of a targeted audience. And with more than 40% of Americans listening to podcasts monthly, there is a great potential to reach a significant proportion of your target audience.


A podcast isn’t just about the audio content either. When producing a podcast, you’re going to create a range of materials to market that podcast from social media content to SEO-optimized pages. Therefore, you are increasing the chances that people will see your brand.


Building Authority


Podcasting is one of the top ways to build your authority in the niche. There are several ways that you can do this. For one, you can help create a series of how-to or instructional podcasts, helping listeners to complete complex or commonly challenging concepts within their business and niche. When listening, they’re going to realize that you’re an expert, and therefore, you become the go-to source for information in the future.


In addition, your authority with Google and other search engines will increase because people will reference you in their blogs and websites – linking to your podcast episodes and website. This improves your domain authority on search engines, which can help your small business rank higher in search results. And the higher your position in search results, the more traffic your website will generate.


Podcasting Profits


While your primary focus might be to get more people to sign up for your services or perhaps purchase a product from you, podcasting doesn’t have to be completely without earning revenue. There are many ways to earn profits using podcasts, including having sponsors for your podcast episodes.


Sponsors are a great way to make your podcasts profitable, especially as you generate higher numbers of listeners. With the help of Produce Your Podcast, we can help you secure sponsors that will reduce the cost of your podcast or perhaps turn it into a profitable venture that allows you to spend more time creating quality episodes for your audience.


Learn to Promote with your Podcast


For those new to business ownership, learning some of the backend jobs like marketing can be a steep learning curve. While podcasting is seen as a marketing opportunity, it can also be a great way to learn about marketing. From learning how to promote your podcast on social media, blogging about episodes, or using email marketing, you can use your podcast to learn quickly about marketing-specific products/services.


In addition, using your podcast data, you can collect more information about what audiences want from your brand.


Audience Building


Building an audience through traditional methods can be time-consuming. And you can’t guarantee that you will always reach sufficient traffic levels with your social media or SEO.


Podcasting offers you further options to promote your brand across the internet. With more exposure to your target audience, you can build more of an audience and add more leads to your sales funnel.


Carefully manage your profile, so you build connections between all your marketing channels.


Your podcast listeners should feed directly into your other marketing channels, such as social media and email marketing. Then you can increase the number of touchpoints you have with your prospects and improve sales. In addition, a large audience allows you to build more sales for your business.


Client Connection


It isn’t just about new customers that you should be thinking about. Client connections are critical to business success. You can improve profitability for your business by improving retention.


Using the podcast, you can constantly remind your audience why they should keep in contact with you and continue to engage in your services. It can also be a great way to advertise themselves, by being featured as a guest on your podcast.


You might also be able to connect to clients through the content on your podcast. You might mention a new tactic, method, or service that you’re using and your clients could talk to you about that. Or they might talk about what you are doing to help them receive the same results that you’ve mentioned on the podcast for other clients of yours.




Compared to other marketing avenues, podcasts are some of the most convenient forms of marketing for your audience. Social media, blogging, and even YouTube require the audience to be completely involved in your content. However, with a podcast, audiences can listen to your content on their phone, in the car, while traveling, or doing work at home/in the office. This convenience means you have a better chance of being regularly listened to.


In addition, the podcast can be played on a wide range of devices including mobiles, televisions, tablets, desktops, and laptops. Even some smart devices like Alexa can play podcasts. Convenience can be a pretty important part of your success. By being more accessible to your audience, you can improve your business’ success.


Develop Your Branding


Part of building a successful business is about ensuring that you have a strong brand identity. Podcasting is one of the top ways you can achieve this through consistency in the episodes. Not only can you improve your industry authority, but you can convey brand ethics and values. It can also be useful in demonstrating your brand processes and procedures, and telling the audience what they can expect when they engage you in services.


Branding isn’t just about the content on the podcast. All your marketing details such as the logo, color scheme, and other elements, will be continuously utilized in the marketing of the podcast.


Audiences will start to recognize this and instantly know which brand is engaging with them

through the use of a consistent brand approach. This can help reduce barriers to purchasing and improve your podcast’s revenues.


Increase Traffic Generation


One of the keys to selling is to get people to your website. It is highly unlikely that audiences will be on your website listening to your podcast. It is more likely that they will be on a podcast player, like iTunes or Spotify. But that doesn’t mean your podcast content can’t generate new traffic for your website. Your podcast can be a significant part of your traffic generation, and this can be done in several ways.


For one, you can use your podcast to help improve your SEO. Hosting audio files on your website can slow down your website, but you can use a player that uses the files from Spotify or iTunes to play the audio to audiences. To help get people to your website, however, you need to have relevant text. That is why a blog that covers the same topics as your podcast episodes can be very helpful.


In addition, using your podcast, you can build numerous links to your website. While the value of links has diminished over the past few years, they’re still very important. What you want to do is to get people to link to your website’s blog when they want to reference your content.


Ideally, you want high-value links to your blog, these are those websites with high domain authority as well. But lots of lower-value domain authority websites can also help. Just ensure you’re not attracting bad-quality links from spam link sites.


Podcasts are Highly Motivating


Podcasts are highly motivating. And not just for you. They can help motivate audiences to get in contact or take action. Use this to get audiences to share your podcast with their friends/family/colleagues to reach new audiences and grow your network with ease. Or encourage them to sign up for your marketing list or social media channels.


Remember there are several different ways that you can motivate the audience. One is through the topics you’re covering or the materials you’re sharing. If you provide more insightful content, you can build an audience that will take action. Another aspect is the tone of your voice. If you sound excited, then the audience is going to be excited too. Therefore, you can achieve more from your podcast.


Engagement is High


Engagement with podcasting is very high. Audiences want to engage with hosts because they get to know them better than they can with blogging or website pages. Therefore, they are more likely to take actions like sharing content, engaging with social media or even interacting on podcast episodes.


Engagement is key for social proof, demonstrating to unconvinced members of the audience that you’re worthy to listen to. And you can control that engagement too by directing audiences to the type of engagement you’re looking for.


Podcasts Provide Social Media Content


If you’re struggling to find anything to communicate about on social media then podcast episodes are a great option. Not only are you looking at snippets and trailers that can direct audiences to your episodes, but you can also talk about production, guests, and the latest engagements you’ve had with audiences.


You can fill an entire content calendar with your content, which can be a great start with your social media. It can also mean that you are attracting audiences who want to know more about the episodes and then inserting more promotional content about your products and services into the mix that can help reach additional sales goals.


Video Marketing


Podcasts are often thought to be an audio-only platform. But there are video podcasts that can be hosted on YouTube and your website that can help improve your small business marketing prospects. The value of video marketing is huge, with many consumers and buyers wanting to see video content before they make a purchasing decision. And you can build more trust through facial expressions on a video.


That isn’t to say that you should just focus on YouTube podcasts. Spotify and iTunes are still where the majority of the audience will go, and benefit your business much better than above.


However, there are numerous benefits to using video podcasts in your marketing mix. In addition, video can help you build a better website. Videos on a website can improve your rank on Google and other search engines and also help to increase sales on a page.


FAQs: The Benefits of Podcasts for Business Startups


Are podcasts just for established businesses?


All businesses can benefit from establishing a business podcast. You can build a business selling services around your podcast, helping you to achieve success quicker than other traditional channels.


Is a podcast just an expense for startup businesses?


A podcast can not only bring in new clients to your business, but it can also be a way to generate

revenue. Through advertisements, you can generate an income from every episode that can reduce the costs or turn a profit on every episode.


Do podcasts improve ranking on Google and other search engines?


While podcasts aren’t known to directly affect the ranking of a website on Google, they can influence it through indirect actions such as increased links, traffic, and other factors that Google uses in its algorithm.


Final Word: The Benefits of Podcasts for Business Startups


There are numerous benefits of podcasts for business startups. These benefits can help new brands quickly find the right audience for their product/service and build a sales funnel that can help them sell more and establish themselves as a leader in their niche.


However, it requires time and effort to establish your authority in an industry. And the quickest way to do this is to get some help to ensure that you’re making the most out of your new podcast.


Produce Your Podcast is a full-service podcast production, editing, and marketing agency specializing in helping brands launch, grow, and monetize successful podcasts that impact their bottom line. With 30+ years of experience in both broadcasting and business development brought to every project we work on, our team of experts is a reliable partner to help you achieve your goals with your show.


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