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Choosing A Weekly Podcast: 10 of the Best

Listening to a weekly podcast can be a great way to regularly enjoy learning about a topic you’re interested in or trying to learn more about. You might want to touch in regularly with advice on an aspect of life you are an expert on, such as dieting or health. Or you might want to build your knowledge in an area of life, such as finance skills, for your business or business growth.


You might also be going through a particular stage in life that you’re looking for regular advice to tap into, such as a divorce or difficulties with debt, for example. A weekly podcast should provide you with a weekly actionable point that you can implement in your life. It might be a PDF guide or other free ebook. There are many podcasts to choose from – if a podcast is not for you, try another!


You can keep up-to-date with the weekly podcast episodes as they’re released. You can often sign up for a newsletter for notifications of release dates and sign up on the podcast platform for notifications of new episodes.


Here are ten weekly podcasts on various topics to consider adding to your weekly listening list.


What Makes for a Great Weekly Podcast?


There are lots of factors to achieve a great weekly podcast. The most important aspect of a weekly podcast is posting podcast episodes regularly. It may seem obvious, but if you commit to a weekly podcast, you need the episodes released as promised, as you want to know that the host is committed to their podcast series.


This is an important take-home if you produce a podcast show. Your audience will be looking for a regular program to commit to, and a regular plan is a great way to stick to your publishing schedule.


Several factors make for a great personal development podcast. The host should have experience or expertise or be interviewing qualified guests. Some personal development podcast hosts share their personal journeys with hard lessons to endure. Here are some aspects to consider when choosing a personal development podcast listen.


Choose A High-Quality Podcast


First of all, look for a high-quality podcast. A high-quality weekly podcast has a consistently great sound, a professional introduction, and an inspiring host. You also want to make sure the content is also high-quality.


The host or guest on the show should have qualifications and experience based on the topic they’re discussing. They should sound inspiring and motivational and provide options for your life or work journey. A great weekly listen will provide actionable conclusions you can implement.


A Variety of Topics


A great weekly podcast will cover various topics within their niche to help you maintain your interest in whatever you want to achieve. They should be sharing new findings, personal experiences, their personal views, and those of guests.


Check Out Their Reviews


A way to determine whether or not a podcast is a good choice for you is to read their reviews. Check out reviews on the podcast directory, website, and social media accounts. Some great weekly podcasts have a social and active community to share your journey with others.


Which are the 10 Best Personal Development Podcasts?


If you’re looking for a new weekly podcast listen, have ten great options below. These are inspirational podcasts on a wide variety of topics. The weekly podcasts are in no particular order; some of these work with Produce Your Podcast, but not all. If you’d like to be on the list, please get in contact.


1. Salad With a Side of Fries


This is a weekly podcast that supports listeners with diet and health. In this weekly podcast, the host, Jenn Trepeck explores all the diets out there and why they might not work for you. A weekly diet podcast is a great option for those interested in what they eat from a wellness and weight loss perspective, as it will enable you to check in once a week and stay on track with your healthy eating goals.


Jenn also reviews health treatments, like acupuncture, and products, like new brands and products entering the health industry. This can help you know what to eat or try. She also interviews other experts in their health and nutrition fields.


2. Y Connect

This podcast is about how people connect through the YMCA of Metro Atlanta. The hosts are Robert Wright, Zarinah Winston, and Allison Toller. In this series, the hosts talk about connections of a wide range of ages through the YMCA and their aspirations for its future.


3. Stork’d


This podcast is a weekly podcast where the host, Julie, interviews guests from varied backgrounds and how they came to their decisions for family life. The conversations she has every week are honest and funny as they share the realities of life in a modern family.


4. Uplifters


A weekly personal development podcast to help those caring for the people around them discover ways to care for themselves. Its focus is on uplifting professionals such as teachers and reverends. The guests on the show share their tools and strategies for success.


5. The Outdoor Biz Podcast


A great podcast for those interested in being outdoors. In this weekly podcast, the host Rick Saez, an author, speaker, adventurer, and industry insider, has conversations with outdoor industry leaders about their experiences and sharing stories.


6. NHL Wraparound Podcast


In this exciting podcast, the hosts share news and issues around the national hockey league for those who are just getting into the sport and die-hard fans. The hosts are Neil Smith, President-General Manager of the 1994 Stanley Cup Champion New York Rangers, and longtime ESPN/NHL veteran Vic Morren. They’re hockey historians, offering a wealth of knowledge and behind-the-scenes stories on their weekly podcasts. They connect with their subscribers and are keen to evolve the show.


7. Mindset Mastery Moments with Dr. Alisa Whyte


Mindset Mastery Moments is a weekly podcast where the host, Dr Alisa Whyte, helps you with your personal and professional growth to help you achieve success. The host aims to disrupt your perception and push yourself to achieve success and resilience in life. The host taps into science, psychology, and life stories to change your mindset.


8. Weight Loss for Busy Physicians with Katrina Ubell


The Weight Loss for Busy Physicians weekly podcast is hosted by Dr. Katrina Ubell, a board-certified pediatrician and a certified life and weight loss coach. She’s on a journey to help busy physicians sustainably lose weight. Each week, the podcast offers tools and resources to help those with limited time to stop stressful eating, have more choices with food, and change the way they think about food. This podcast has lots of great reviews.


9. Life Organized

This weekly podcast is hosted by Jenny Layton, a professional organizer, productivity expert & life coach. Each episode will have strategies to help you organize your life and family. The host shares stories about her life, how she manages her time, and all the tasks you have to navigate.


10. Stellar Teacher Podcast with Sarah Marye


The Stellar Teacher podcast, hosted by Sarah Marye, offers a weekly podcast to share expertise on teaching literacy and the impact this knowledge can have on students. The podcast aims to equip teachers to develop students who become lifelong readers.


FAQs: Weekly Podcast: 10 of the Best


Who Hosts Weekly Podcasts?


There are lots of weekly podcasts out there. A weekly podcast is ideal as it helps retain an audience. A great podcast should offer actionable advice that you can implement in your life.


How Do I Start a Weekly Podcast?


You need to have experience and expertise in your chosen industry, or at least have an interest and be interviewing experts. There’s a lot to do when starting a podcast, so check out the Produce Your Podcast blog or get in contact!


Which is the best weekly podcast?


Above are ten great weekly podcasts you might want to look at to see if they suit your life or work goals and aspirations.


Final Word: Weekly Podcast: 10 of the Best


If you are looking for inspirational podcasts to listen to weekly, we have ten great options for you to consider above. There are many podcasts to choose from depending on your interests and goals. Whether you’re looking for business advice podcasts, personal development ones, or something relating to a stage in your life, such as a house purchase or marriage, there’ll be a podcast for you.


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