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Podcast Directories: Where to Submit your podcast

When planning your podcast series, consider which podcast directories you would like to publish your podcast episodes. You might choose to publish on more than one of the podcast directories.


We share ten of the best podcast directories below.


What is a Podcast Directory?


A podcast directory is like a library for podcasts, where people can upload their podcast episodes and share them with the public. There are lots of choices for podcast directories.


You’ll likely have heard of Spotify, Apple and Google. You can publish on as many podcast directories as you like, and you’ll find out the best podcast directories for your brand and podcast as you gain experience.


How Do I Market My Podcast Series?


You’ll need a strong marketing strategy to grow your podcast following; you can’t just rely on the podcast directory and leave your podcast sitting there with no supporting marketing, this is unlikely to be successful.


You should expect some organic traffic, which describes listeners who have just naturally come across your podcast, but you need to market your podcast to get it heard.


Consider your goal when planning the marketing activities for your podcast. What are you looking to achieve? Do you want to grow a local following for your brand with strong loyalty and interaction? Or do you want to reach listeners worldwide? Are you sharing a personal journey and have a select audience to tap into? Or is your podcast a way of sharing your

expertise to drive clients to your services?


We can help you if you aim to generate revenue through your podcast. There are ways to do this, including sponsorship, which is big right now.


The team at Produce Your Podcast has a wealth of marketing activities to support the growth of your business through podcasting, and you can tap into this knowledge when you work with us.


Your marketing activities should be cross-promotional. So, link to your podcast on Facebook, get listeners to sign up to your mailing list for a download on your website, etc.


How Do I Launch My Podcast?


To begin with, ensure that your podcast is high-quality so you have a great product to market. Use the right equipment, run soundchecks, secure intro voice overs, plan your materials and the episode, arrange quality guests, and edit the podcast. When producing a podcast, there

is a lot to do; this is where the team at Produce Your Podcast can help when you work with us.


Part of your podcast launch is the marketing to get the word out about your podcast. Have your podcast uploaded to the podcast directories you’ve chosen to publish on and available at the selected time and date.


Identify how to reach existing and new customers and who your target market is, for example, their location. Work on your branding to ensure a high-quality and professional appearance to get your podcast noticed. Use the same branding throughout all your marketing activities.


Here, we share ten marketing activities for your podcast marketing plan, including Spotify advertising.


10 Podcast Directories to Consider


Here are ten podcast directories you might want to consider using to publish your podcast. Remember to read up on each platform on their website, as they may have changed features. Make sure to read all the terms and conditions as well. There are likely to be some directories we’ve missed off the list. If you would like to be included, get in contact with us!


1. Apple Podcasts


This is a subscription service, and you will need support from a hosting provider. They have promotional and analytical tools that you can use to learn more about your podcast listeners and grow your audience. There’s a community you can tap into as well for support.


2. Spotify


This is a well-known podcast directory where you can publish your podcast on Spotify for free. There are tools you can use to help you, such as analytics and monitor engagement. You can also share to other directories through Spotify, like Google Podcasts and Apple Podcasts.


3. Google Podcasts Manager


You need a Google account to access the insights and analytics for your podcast. You have to search your podcast and claim it. The statistics will help you glean all sorts of information about your podcast listeners, and you can use this to tailor your shows and retain listeners.


4. Amazon Music


On Amazon Music, you set up your account by claiming or adding your podcast, you can then access statistics about your podcast and gather insights about your listeners’ preferences and more. They have millions of global listeners that you can tap into.


5. Overcast


Overcast is simple to use, especially if you sign up for Apple Podcasts, where your podcast will automatically show up on the app. It doesn’t require terms and conditions – it simply picks up your podcast from your server and streams it to listeners without interfering with statistics. It has an option for listeners to recommend your podcast.


6. Pocket Casts


This podcast directory enables you to bridge the gap between you, as a podcastor, and your listeners. This platform is human-curated, so you can apply to have your podcast featured. One of many reasons why it’s important to produce high-quality podcast episodes.


7. TuneIn


You can access millions of daily listeners by uploading your podcast to TuneIn. You can include your information about guests, add new artwork, etc. There are features for sharing on social media, and they have top lists as well.


8. iHeartRadio


iHeartRadio claims to be the world’s largest podcast network. They have a top 100 podcast list and offer features to help you engage your audience. It’s easy to upload your podcast when you sign up for an account.


9. Podchaser


You can upload your podcast to Podchaser, a podcast directory that offers audience insights and demographics, details about sponsors, and more. It’s an advanced podcast directory for marketers and business people keen to see their podcasts grow. There’s also access to view current and past sponsors.


10. Audible


This platform is connected to Amazon Music so you’ll be listed here if you’ve already signed your podcast up to Amazon Music and vice versa. It’s simple to upload your podcast to this podcast directory.


How To Get Your Podcast Ready For Directories


Chose a Great Name For Your Podcast


Ensure your podcast has an attractive name to draw your audience in. It needs to relate to the topic of your podcast and give potential listeners an idea of what it might be about. Many podcast titles include a play on words or choose something funny if they’re a light-hearted take on a subject.


Plan your Podcast


Plan your episodes. Have clear notes as you record your podcast so it sounds coherent. Guests should have the questions they’ll be asked in advance so they can prepare for a smooth recording process.


Use Professional Recording Equipment


Your podcast must sound professionally produced. When you work with Produce Your Podcast, you’ll be sent the equipment you need, and you can also arrange for the sound technicians to check your sound quality before you record. This includes having a professional intro to introduce each episode.


Apply Stylish Cover Art


A modern and professional-looking cover art image is essential as this is often the first thing that people see when they come across your podcast. If you are not confident in design, consider hiring a graphic designer.


FAQs: Podcast Directories: Where to Submit your podcast


What directories should my podcast be listed in?


You can publish your podcast on as many podcast directories as you like as this will help expand your reach.


Are podcast directories free to use?


Many podcast directories are free to use but most require you to sign up. There may be additional purchasing options or a subscription fee.


Which are the best podcast directories?


There’s no definitive best podcast directory, but you have Spotify, Apple Podcast, and Google podcasts, which are very popular.


Final Word: Podcast Directories: Where to Submit your podcast


A podcast is an ideal way to expand the reach of your brand. A podcast is a powerful marketing tool that you can align with other marketing activities to leverage your brand and grow your business. Once you’ve produced a high-quality podcast, you’ll want to get it out there.


Above are ten podcast directories for you to submit your podcast. You might choose more than one, so you have a greater potential to reach more people. When you work with the Produce Your Podcast team, they’ll advise you on the best podcast directories to share your inspiring podcast episodes.