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Podcast Launch Checklist for Success

If you’re looking for podcast launch services, you’ve come to the right place. At Produce Your Podcast, with more than eight years of experience in podcasting and a talented team of experts, we can get your podcast off to a professional, high-quality start. And one way to do this is to use a podcast launch checklist as part of a podcast launch strategy.


Why Start a Podcast?


If you already run a business and want to generate revenue through a podcast, we can help you achieve this. Your show should highlight your experience and credentials to demonstrate your value to potential customers. A great podcast will showcase your business and provide ways for you to connect with listeners and direct them to your sales funnel.


You need to demonstrate you’re a thought leader in your niche and an inspiration to others. This can propel your business into the spotlight. Not everyone comes to our podcast services as an established business. You might want to create your podcast show as your new business. We can help you with this too!


Why Use Podcast Launch Service?


By using a podcast launch service, you can get your podcast right from the beginning. It can save you time and resources by tapping into the experts’ podcast launch checklist. We want your podcast to be an amazing success and can work with you to achieve this!


What Do Podcast Launch Services Involve?


So, how do podcast launch services work here at Produce Your Podcast? We begin with our Podcast Discovery Sessions, which is an exciting way to realize your podcast and explore the options for your show.


The discovery sessions become the basis for your show, which is built entirely for you from the ground up. You must have a strong foundation for your podcast launch strategy. You then need to be able to scale your show and achieve growth.


Your podcast should also be sustainable, with a plan and schedule you can commit to. You will work through our podcast launch checklist and our experts can do much of the work involved in podcasting for you. At the Podcast Discovery Sessions, we discuss how much of the process you would like to do and how much you would like support with. This can depend on various aspects, including your work schedule and experience or willingness to learn. It’s such an exciting time to see your podcast come to life and flourish.

Steps Included in a Podcast Strategy


So, for our Podcast Discovery Strategy Sessions, there are several steps to ensure we don’t miss anything. Our experienced and creative team is full of experts at every stage, from broadcast & radio experts to skilled business advisors, graphic designers, and the technical team. You can be sure that your podcast is in great hands!


Podcast Discovery Sessions are included in your podcast launch package! Here, we take a look at what this involves. It does make the process so much easier!

Step 1 – Discovery


A wonderful part of the process is when we get to hear all about your plans, ideas, and inspiration. We find out about your business, qualifications, and or experience. We’ll ask questions that can help us come up with all the


Step 2 – Research


We then look at the latest research and data around your podcast topic This will help us with the direction for your podcast. Much like market research that you conduct for your own business.

Step 3 – Creative


Then, we get going with the creative process. This is when we start to realize your show and bring it to life! We take all the thoughts, ideas, and research and create your show! We put together a show format and structure. We also define the tone of voice, energy, and feel of your show. We also create visuals such as your show cover art.


Step 4 – Create Your Shows


We’ll go through the episode creation process. We provide a questionnaire for each show to guide you through the process. You can tap into our customized creative exercises, which will cover various aspects to get you thinking about how you want your show to sound. This aspect of podcast launch strategy takes a look at content and production.


Step 5 – Recording Your Shows


Before you record your first show, we’ll go through equipment options with you. When you work with Produce Your Podcast for full podcast production we provide you with all the equipment you need to produce a high-quality show. Your audio quality must be optimal.


Step 6 – Podcast Launch


So, we also provide a specific podcast launch checklist for your show. This can include teaser trailers, advertising, show notes, etc.


Step 7 – Marketing


Our business experts can help you find ways to advertise your podcast to grow your audience. They can also help you find ways to monetize your podcast and increase prospects for your business through your show. You’ll receive insight tips, and advice from the marketing team here at Produce Your Podcast.


Step 8 – Receive Notes


We also provide transcripts of the audio and video sessions, which are recorded, and then transcribed so you can receive a detailed summary of the sessions.


What’s Included In a Podcast Launch Package?


At Produce Your Podcast, your launch package will include the discovery sessions. Your launch package will also include:

  • A fully flushed-out show concept blueprint
  • Pre and Post-Production Budget Plan
  • Show Distribution Outline
  • Sponsorship packages
  • Marketing roadmap for the launch of the show
  • Audio branding
  • Licensed music
  • Open & close notes
  • Show notes
  • RSS setup and podcast hosts
  • Customized graphics
  • Submission to Listening platforms
  • Submission to Podcast Directories
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Guest Management
  • Fully Produced Episodes

Your Podcast Launch Strategy will also include Launch Strategy Consulting to support the growth of your audience. These are sessions where we explain techniques and the best practices for audience growth before launching your podcast.


We’ll provide you with marketing advice, audience growth tools, partner tools, resources, and webinars to help you accelerate your podcast audience growth. You’ll have lots of support from the team at Produce Your Podcast and be able to use pre-written press releases and guest management tools too.


Here’s some of the podcast launch checklist in more detail:


Audio Branding


We’ll design your audio brand for you and develop your show. This begins with audio and then video. It also includes your content strategy. It’s essential for your audience engagement that they have actionable content in your episodes so they get a fully immersive experience and can feel immersed in your podcast shoes.


Professional Sound checks


Your podcast launch includes sound checks by our professional sound engineer. They’ll provide you with all the equipment needed, shipped straight to you, and help you with sound checks so you can get high-quality sound right from the start.


Voice Over Artist


We also help you choose a voice-over artist and then produce your custom content for the open and close of your podcast. They’ll record this for you so you have a professional-sounding podcast!


Licensed Music

You’ll also have a selection of high-quality music beds to select from for your show, which will match your style and add a professional element to your podcast. The music is also fully licensed. This music can be used in all your audio branding elements, it’s like an audio logo. You can use this audio in teaser trailers and audio marketing to create an identifiable sound for your podcast.


Show content and notes


We have professional broadcast copywriters who write your show open and close scripts and a 4000-character show description, SEO optimized for search engines.


RSS and Podcast Hosting Set Up


We will set up your podcast hosting accounts and integrate your podcast to maximize your potential listeners. We’ll also generate your RSS feed.


Custom Graphic Design


The first thing potential listeners will likely see is your podcast cover art, especially if they are searching for new podcasts on a podcast stream like Spotify or Apple. The cover art our graphic designer produces will match your brand and produce your original artwork. You can use this artwork in your advertising and other marketing materials as well. Professionally produced artwork can help set our podcast apart from others and give it a professional appearance.


Submission to Listening Platforms and Podcast Directories


Your podcast will be ready for approval on numerous podcast directories and listening platforms to maximize your reach. These include Apple Podcast, Spotify, Google Podcasts, iHeart Media, Pandora, Amazon and 100+ podcast directories.


Social Media Support


Our social media experts will help you decide which platforms will be the most successful for you, e.g. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. We provide a 5 Step Social Media outline to help you successfully market each episode. Your social media should support your podcast launches and be a place for your listeners to connect with your brand and other listeners.


Promotional Trailer & Audio Clips


It’s important to release news of your show episode at the right time. Our expert audio engineers will produce an audio trailer and clips for you to use in promotions and marketing to expand your reach and grow your audience.


Guest Management


You’ll receive guest management support through access to customized Google Docs, which include guest management tools, outreach options, and management tools.


Fully Produced Episodes


And to get your launch off to a great start, your podcast launch package includes three fully produced premium episodes. This includes recording with a live engineer to record your audio and video. This will be editing and you’ll have access to a full suite of marketing assets to promote the episodes.

Video Launch Packages at Produce Your Podcast


Video can be a great addition to podcasting. It’s pretty similar, except you’re also on video while talking through your show. This can add an extra dimension to your podcast and can be a nice feature, especially if you have a co-host.


The video launch package includes everything mentioned above and the following as well:


  • Engineering diagnostic and soundcheck targeted towards video recording
  • Fully produced video open & close
  • Custom video graphics and voice-over
  • Fully produced video trailer
  • Video promotional clips
  • YouTube Integration


Why Do You Need A Podcast Launch Checklist?


You can see how much work is involved in launching a podcast! Without a clear strategy, you can miss vital aspects needed for a successful podcast launch. The whole process is much smoother when you work with Produce Your Podcast. You’ll produce a professional, high-quality-sounding show right from the start.


FAQs: Podcast Launch Strategy for Success


How Do I Write a Podcast Launch Checklist?


If you’ve never launched a podcast before, you’ll need to do lots of research. Alternatively, you can contact a podcast production agency to tap into their expert advice.


What Skills Do I Need for Podcast Launch?


You’ll need to be organized, diligent, and have some technical skills if you want to plan, host, record, edit, and market your podcast.


Why Should I Produce a Podcast Launch Checklist?


A podcast launch checklist will help keep you on track so you make your deadlines and publish when your listeners expect you to. It’ll also give you plenty of time to generate interest in your podcast.


Final Word: Podcast Launch Checklist for Success


To be a successful podcast host, there are many aspects to get right, and you certainly need a podcast launch checklist and strategy that’s going to be successful. You’ll also need a professionally sounding podcast that’s high-quality. You also need to inspire your listeners and provide them with tangible action points so they return to your show time and time again.


If you’re unsure where to start and want to work with a successful and experienced podcast production team, contact us here at Produce Your Podcast. By going through our podcast launch strategy, you can propel your business forward and reach new heights!


Produce Your Podcast is a premier podcast consulting, production & marketing agency. Our team of experts provides comprehensive, full-service quality solutions for B2B clients to incorporate podcasting into their overall marketing strategy. If you’re looking for a reliable partner to help launch or grow your business-branded podcast and boost your sales and marketing goals, we’re here to help.

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