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How to Create a Name for a Podcast

If you are starting a new podcast, you will want to understand how to choose a name for a podcast. Podcasts are a fantastic way to get your brand heard and work well with a package of marketing materials that support each other to help your brand grow. As well as having the best setup for your podcast and marketing, you also need a great show name to get your podcast noticed.


A catchy show name will not only help you attract new customers but also need to be recognizable and memorable to keep listeners returning to listen to future episodes. If you already have an established brand, you can use your business name or a variation for your podcast. However, you might want a variation of your brand name, which could include a play on words.


So, how do you choose a name for a podcast? Here are ten great tips to help you select a podcast name. These tips are for podcasters beginning a podcast brand from scratch without a brand already.


How to Name a Podcast


So, you’ve decided you wanted to set up a podcast. You have experience and credibility in your field. You have an idea of what you want to talk about, a network of guests to interview, and lots of inspirational advice to share! Your listeners will seek actionable advice from your podcast to support aspects of their lives, like business, finance, personal growth, etc.


Essential aspects of your podcast development remain with you throughout your podcast, though you may make subtle changes as you go. These include your introduction music and message, voiceover artist, closing music and message, and podcast cover art. Your name will also stay with you. It’s challenging to change a brand name once established.


1. Choose an Original Name


You need to select an original podcast name. This way, you build a brand around your podcast. For podcast success, you need to raise awareness of your podcast and reach your audience, which means creating a marketing plan to let people know about your podcast.

Come up with a selection of names that you like the sound of. Consider your industry and your niche. List words that represent your brand. What makes your Podcast special? Identify your USP or your Unique Selling Point. This is what identifies your podcast series. So you might be a no-nonsense financial advisor and select a name like ‘Straight Talking Money’.


Write down a few ideas because you need to check whether anyone else is using the name, and having a few options can save disappointment as you research. Check for podcast names with a similar theme to yours.

2. Plan for the Future


Consider the potential direction for your podcast in the future. Does it encompass future projects? You might want to expand your topics to cover a range of themes and ensure your name choices are suitable. Likewise, if you put a place name in your podcast and then decide to move, you might need to change your name, which can be expensive.


3. Check for Name Availability on Google


First, check for name availability on Google or another search engine. Avoid selecting a podcast name already established as a business. If you choose a name which is already a brand, you’ll find yourself competing with the other brands on search engine listings when your listeners search for your podcast. You might even find that you struggle to get seen if the other brand has a prominent social media presence.


If their brand name is trademarked, you could also face legal implications or have to rebrand your podcast. Both of which are inconvenient and costly. You can check for trademark availability at the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office).


4. Check Domain Name Availability


When you set up a website, the first thing you need to do is to purchase your domain name. This is the address for your website, which you type into the browser to reach your store. You’ll want to ensure your name or a similar version is available as a familiar domain extension like .com.


A website is a great way to reach more potential listeners. You can provide your listeners with information, link to your social media, and rank well on search engines with good SEO (search engine optimization). Even if you don’t intend to set up a website, you should still purchase the domain name so it’s secured. Domain names usually only cost about $15. If the domain name is taken for any of the names on your list, remove them.


5. Check for Social Media Availability


When choosing a name for a podcast, make sure you can secure your name choice on social media. Check for name availability on as many social media accounts as you can. Even if you don’t want to use a social media account, it’s worth checking as you don’t want to choose a podcast name that’s already in use. When you choose a name, it’s worth securing the social media accounts even if you don’t intend to use them immediately. This will help you reduce future competition if someone else sets up a podcast or brand with the same name as yours.


You should research the social media accounts suitable for your podcast brand. If you have a business podcast, you’ll want a LinkedIn account. Facebook is also a popular platform for sharing news and connecting with your fans.


6. Secure Video Streaming Platform Accounts


As with social media, when choosing a podcast name, you’ll want to make sure the associated video streaming platforms are available, for example, YouTube and TikTok. When you sign up to work with Produce You Podcast, you will receive all the equipment you need to make a high-quality podcast, which includes the equipment to make videos as well.


Videos are a great way to reach a wider audience, so you should secure the accounts for your podcast name.


7. Check for Podcast Streaming Platforms


Now check podcast streaming platforms like Spotify to ensure the names you have left on your list are not already podcasts. If there are any similar or identical podcast names, remove them from your name list straight away. Don’t think you’ll attract their listeners with a similar name; a unique name is much better.


8. Check With Friends & Family


Ask people you know what they think of the names you have left on your list. What do they think? They know you best, so can help you identify which names on your list most reflect your work and personality.


9. Ask the Experts


At Produce Your Podcast, our team of specialists will help you market your podcast. When you work with Produce Your Podcast to develop your podcast you will benefit from a wealth of experience at launching podcasts. Although no one can be sure of how successful a name will be, we can offer you advice on your name choices.


10. Choose your Podcast Name!


The last step is to choose your podcast name! You’ll probably have a few names left on your list; take on board the experts’ advice and the suggestions of your friends and family. Then choose your name. You should then register your podcast name for all the accounts discussed above and make as much effort as possible to secure your brand and prevent future competition. Once you have done this you can move on to plan your podcast!


FAQs: How to Create a Name for a Podcast


What is a good name for a podcast?


A good name for a podcast is unique, memorable, and catchy!


What’s the best name for a podcast?


The best name for a podcast depends on your niche and style of podcast. Search similar podcast brands to get some ideas.


How to come up with a name for a podcast?


Research your podcast name and ensure it is original and not already in use. Ask others what they think of your name ideas!


Final Word: How to Create a Name for a Podcast


If you are planning on starting a new podcast brand, you’ll want to choose a great name for a podcast. Your podcast name needs to attract new listeners and be memorable for current listeners. If you are determined and believe in yourself, you can produce a great podcast. With the tips above you can create a great name for your podcast.


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