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Types of Podcast

There are many types of podcast formats. When you start a podcast, you’ll want it to be high-quality and to generate revenue through leads and sales. As a podcast host, you’ll want to select a style from the types of podcast options, as this will give your podcast structure. You should be realistic with your options as you do need to have the skills to be able to present the type of podcast you want to produce.


There are some aspects of producing a podcast that you’ll need to get right, whichever type of podcast you decide to produce. This includes high-quality sound, professional graphics, great structure, and a clear goal. To achieve success with your podcast, whichever type of podcast you choose, you must produce high-quality shows. High-quality podcast episodes build listener numbers and lead to higher listener retention.


Here are five types of podcasts that you might want to consider producing.


5 Types of Podcasts


Personal Podcasts


One of the most frequently chosen types of podcasts is personal podcasts. This style is a great option if you want to set up a podcast to share something about yourself, your experiences, or your journey through life. A personal podcast can help you attract listeners and grow your following when you approach it professionally.


For a personal podcast, you should still invest in good quality equipment to give your podcast a great sound. You’ll also need a professional-sounding voice-over. A clear structure will keep your recording on track and ensure you’re consistently providing new and inspiring content for your listeners.


Your post-recording work is just as important; you’ll need to edit your recording, produce show notes, generate anticipation for the release of each episode, and market your episodes.


Consider hiring a Podcast Production Agency to get this style of podcast right.


Personal Development Podcasts


Another one of the many types of podcasts you could decide to produce is personal development podcasts. Personal development podcasts support listeners with their individual growth. It might be to improve health, relationships, and childcare.


You might have specific experience or training in a relevant field, like nutritional education, and choose to host a dietary advice podcast. If you are interested in an aspect of personal growth but don’t have the knowledge, you can interview experts. There is a lot of scope with this type of podcast as you can constantly be researching the latest advice and developments in your niche.


Business-Focussed Podcasts


You might choose a business-focused podcast to help your listeners grow their revenue. A business-focussed podcast, it is a great way to increase your reach. You might want to advertise your expertise to a local audience and share your experience.


This could work well if you have experience in business in a particular industry or skill. Or if you have training in an aspect of business support or management, like finance or podcasting. Your goal might be to generate leads for your business services and reach a wider audience.


Informational Podcasts


If you would like to educate your listeners in a fun and engaging way, then an informational podcast might be one of the podcast types for you. Your podcast should be inspiring as you share your knowledge and experiences with your listeners. Remember to ensure your podcast sounds professionally put together.


Your voice-over introduction should express that you’re educating your audience in a fun way, so consider how you can get that across to potential listeners. The cover art for your podcast should also reflect your podcast type and align with your marketing strategies. All guests are relevant to your topic. You’ll need to ensure that each show you produce is inspiring and motivates listeners.


Edutainment Podcasts


Edutainment podcasts are podcasts that provide education but in a fun way. So you might wish to teach your listeners skills for marketing their business. Or perhaps you work in health care and want to teach listeners how to run a health business.


Planning an edutainment podcast can give you a unique approach to your podcast. You might want to include fun quizzes, for example. Interviewing people with experience and entertaining anecdotes could be a great place to start with this type of podcast.


FAQs: Types of Podcast


What Are the Three Types of Podcasts?


There are many types of podcasts, and in this article, we look at some of these, including business-focussed and personal development podcasts. In terms of basic format, there are considered three basic formats: solo host, co-host, or interview podcast.


What Types of Podcasts are there?


There are many types of podcasts, in this article, we cover business, personal, personal development, informational, and edutainment but there are so many more options!


What are the Different Types of Podcast Format?


There are lots of different types of podcasts to produce, such as personal development, informational, etc.


Final Word: Types of Podcast Format


There are many different types of podcasts to choose from. Consider your experience, topic, and goal when deciding on a style of podcast. To generate revenue from your podcast, whichever type you choose, you must produce consistently high-quality shows. Above, we discuss just five types of podcast format, but there are many more to choose from.


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