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10 Best Informational Podcasts

Informational podcasts are educational, usually for adults, and might include personal or career development advice. An inspirational podcast should teach you about an aspect of life you want to learn more about. Ted talks are a great example of informational talks. In this article, we share some great informational podcasts. Some of them work with Produce You Podcast, but not all.


With so many podcasts available, there’s a lot of competition, and informational podcasts are popular. Whether you want to listen to the best informational podcasts or are considering hosting a podcast yourself, these podcasts are bound to be inspirational.


Here are ten of the best informational podcasts.


Tips For Informational Podcasts


If you are researching how to start an inspirational podcast, you’ll want to know where to start. You might already have a brand and wish to share your expertise with others; a podcast is an excellent pathway to do this. If you are new to podcasting and don’t yet have a brand, you should create a strong brand for your podcast to attract listeners. Here are some other tips to consider if you want to start a podcast.


1. Publish on Spotify


Advertising on Spotify is a great way to get your podcast heard. You can include a description for your podcast and each episode. There’s also the option to pay for advertising of your podcast. You can use advertisements on your podcast to generate revenue as well.


2. Marketing Plan


Market your podcast in various ways. If you already have a large social following, a mailing list, etc. use these. You could also ask friends and family, consider traditional marketing or attend events. You might wish to set up a website to reach your audience. There are many ways to use a website to increase your reach, such as teaser trailers and pop-ups.


3. Attractive Branding


Plan a consistent branding strategy across all platforms and for each podcast episode. Branding can be challenging, so you might want to contact the Produce Your Podcast team for advice on branding a podcast.


4. Quality Content


Your content should be high-quality, up-to-date, and include statistics, especially if you’re offering actionable advice. Provide anecdotes and share stories to add credibility to your episodes. Get across your expertise and why you qualify to teach your audience about your topic.


5. Actionable Conclusions


You’ll want listeners to receive something when they invest time into listening to your podcast. For informational podcasts, you want your listeners to have actionable take-home points at the end of each podcast episode.


Ten Great Informational podcasts


In no particular order, here we have ten great informational podcasts. They give you a good idea of how to produce an informational podcast. If you would like to be on this list, please contact the Produce Your Podcast team.


1. Damn Good Designer


There’s a lot of great informational advice about building a recession-proof interior design business here. The hosts, Cheryl and Liz, approach sustainable design businesses in a unique way. They challenge their audience with the opportunity to stand apart from other designers and come up with your own identity for your interior design brand. They share their insights into a full-service interior design business and interview various professionals, from designers to architects.

2. Physician Family Podcast


There’s a wealth of information available on this informational podcast from the two hosts, Ben and Nate, certified financial planning professionals. They advise physician parents to plan for their retirements. They discuss investment options, and tackle challenging topics like inheritance, tax laws, and investment options. They hope to help make this aspect of being a physician more accessible.


3. Stork’D


Stork’D is a podcast for those building a family and explores aspects of family life. The host, Julia Karol interviews inspiring guests who share their experiences, knowledge, and honest views on family life. For those looking for advice on family life, so much helpful information gets included in this podcast.


4. Salad With a Side of Fries


This podcast is full of information on weight loss and nutrition. There are so many myths around dieting, so this podcast aims to dispel myths and provide listeners with real answers to their dieting questions. The host, Jenn Trepeck, interviews a wide range of experts who offer a wealth of information and the evidence behind it. She is an optimal health coach to help you avoid all the advertising and misinformation behind dieting. This podcast has a great structure and provides its listeners with actionable insight and downloads, like recipe books.


5. Educators Among Us


This motivational podcast shares information for those who teach and lead at all levels of education. The host is Scott Barron, who shares stories that provide a journey and perspective from educators as they discuss their experiences and educational models. As an educator, this informational podcast will give insight into education success and strategies to inspire you in your calling to work in education.

6. Jewish Time


This podcast’s mission is to produce a sense of community for the Jewish people of Greater Atlanta. The host interviews guests on a range of topics, from family life, local news, national Jewish and Israeli interests, nonprofits, and supporting the local synagogue. The conversations on this podcast encourage debate and strengthen understanding and knowledge.


7. Doing Divorce Different


This podcast is full of information for those considering divorce or going through divorce. The host Lesa Koski, a Family Law Attorney and Mediator, aims to remove the fear of divorce. She interviews guests who offer lots of information to help listeners get through their divorce or the process of considering divorce. The host aims to help listeners heal through divorce and feel empowered.


8. The 5 AM Miracle – Jeff Sanders


This is a popular podcast series with plenty of episodes to catch up on. The enthusiastic host, Jeff Sanders, helps listeners get going before breakfast. He has over 13 million downloads and has seven award nominations. The host offers a wealth of information to help high-achievers have great life habits, grand goals and plenty of energy to be successful but also take care of themselves.


9. The Mindset Mentor – Rob Dial


A health and fitness podcast, offering a wealth of information to help you gain motivation and direction in your life. Rob Dial, the host, is a Mindset Mentor, and his informational podcast will teach you about cognitive behavioural therapy, CBT, and psychology to give you the information you need to succeed and gain success.


10. How To Be Awesome At Your Job


A very successful podcast that helps you plan your learning and career development. With vast numbers of experts interviewed and many episodes you can catch up on, there’s plenty of information to glean from this series. The host, Pete Mockaitis has coached many elite professionals to help them boost their work performance.


FAQs: Best Informational Podcasts

Which are the best Informational Podcasts?


There are lots of great informational podcasts. The best informational podcasts are

engaging, trustworthy and offer actionable points.


How Do You Produce a Top Informational Podcast?


Your podcast should be credible, reliable, well-researched, and planned. You also need strong branding strategy.

Which are the best Informational Podcasts on Shopify


Above are ten informational podcasts to take a look at.


Final Word: Best Informational Podcasts


Great informational podcasts will provide you with so much quality information to support you in your life and work. There are podcasts to suit everyone. To have a great informational podcast, inspire your listeners and offer actionable points to make positive changes in their lives.


If you have lots of knowledge and experience you’d like to share with others, contact Produce Your Podcast to find out how you can also produce an informational podcast.


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