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{Inside the Audit} An 80% Increase in Downloads After 7 Days

One of the most powerful parts of any audit is the discoverability review.

{Inside the Audit} Better CTAs & A 50% Increase in Downloads

The most common mistakes we see that decrease a business owner’s podcast’s ability to grow and deliver results.

10 B2B Podcasting Best Practices

Business podcasting is huge. There are lots of times when listeners tune into their favorite podcasts, whether they’re live podcasts or downloaded and listened to on a commute. However, because they

10 Benefits of Branded Podcasts

There are so many benefits of podcasting for businesses and as a future podcast host, you’ll be excited about getting started. Yet planning and recording your shows is only one part of the journ

10 Best B2B Business Podcasts

Audio marketing of your business is a growing skill often overlooked. While videos have grown significantly, and websites and blogs are still important for getting your brand seen, podcasts are a stro

10 Best Finance Podcasts

For businesses in the finance sector, getting your brand seen is imperative, and there are many ways to market your brand. In this article, we share the 10 Best Finance Podcasts that work with us here

10 Best Informational Podcasts

Informational podcasts are educational, usually for adults, and might include personal or career development advice. An inspirational podcast should teach you about an aspect of life you want to learn

10 Best Personal Development Podcasts

Listening to podcasts is a wonderful way to support your personal development goals. These podcasts can help you with various topics, from personal relationships to improving your work-life balance. M

How to Drive Traffic to Your Podcast

When you start a new podcast, you will want to know how to drive traffic to your podcast from the beginning. To start, producing a professional, high-quality podcast is essential to grow your audience. You will also need an inspiring podcast description and eye-catching graphics...

are podcasts audio or visual

Are Podcasts Audio or Visual?

When you start your podcast, you will need to decide whether you would like to produce an audio-only show or if you would like to record a video as well. Either way, you’ll need to create a professional, high-quality podcast. In this article, we consider:...

How to Appear High on Every Podcast Search

There is a growing listener base for podcasts across the world. In the US and South America, there has been a surge in the number of listeners of podcasts. Outside of the Americas, there is an upward trend for podcasts as well. However, the number...

How to Make a Good Podcast Logo

When starting a new podcast brand, you’ll want to incorporate some great podcast logo ideas. Your logo must be eye-catching, look professional, and give an initial idea of what your podcast might be all about, and the style. A podcast logo is used in many...

What is the Cost of Podcast Advertising?

Whether you’re looking into the short-term goal of promoting your podcast or perhaps looking at what you can charge sponsors for appearing on your podcast, then there is a range of options for you. You will want to price your opportunities appropriately, so read on...

B2B Podcast Strategy Secrets You Need to Know

Podcasts are a great way to grow your B2B brand and increase brand visibility. Your marketing activities for your business should seamlessly blend into one another, cross-promoting each other, and your podcast is no exception. Below, we look at some B2B podcast strategy secrets you need...