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{Inside the Audit} An 80% Increase in Downloads After 7 Days

One of the most powerful parts of any audit is the discoverability review.

{Inside the Audit} Better CTAs & A 50% Increase in Downloads

The most common mistakes we see that decrease a business owner’s podcast’s ability to grow and deliver results.

10 B2B Podcasting Best Practices

Business podcasting is huge. There are lots of times when listeners tune into their favorite podcasts, whether they’re live podcasts or downloaded and listened to on a commute. However, because they

10 Best B2B Business Podcasts

Audio marketing of your business is a growing skill often overlooked. While videos have grown significantly, and websites and blogs are still important for getting your brand seen, podcasts are a stro

10 Best Finance Podcasts

For businesses in the finance sector, getting your brand seen is imperative, and there are many ways to market your brand. In this article, we share the 10 Best Finance Podcasts that work with us here

10 Best Informational Podcasts

Informational podcasts are educational, usually for adults, and might include personal or career development advice. An inspirational podcast should teach you about an aspect of life you want to learn

10 Best Personal Development Podcasts

Listening to podcasts is a wonderful way to support your personal development goals. These podcasts can help you with various topics, from personal relationships to improving your work-life balance. M

10 Best Podcast Marketing Ideas

Producing and publishing your podcast is only part of the journey when it comes to attracting listeners. While making your podcast better through a combination of excellent podcast equipment, schedule

podcast seo tips

10 Podcast SEO Tips

SEO (search engine optimization) marketing of your podcast is a complex skill that is often overlooked but necessary. If you don’t know where to begin, you'll need some podcast SEO tips to get you started. Your podcast is a great way to get your brand...

What Makes Good Podcast Graphics?

Producing a podcast is a great way to get your brand known, but like all aspects of business, you have to brand your podcast correctly. A great podcast graphic will attract a loyal audience, but how do you design a professional image?   What To Include On...

How to Produce Family Podcasts That Earn Revenue

If you want to produce family podcasts, you can generate good revenue but you must set your podcast up correctly. You’ll need to use the right equipment so your sound is excellent, have a great structure for your episodes, and plan for relevant content and...

Make money doing podcasts

Make Money Doing Podcasts: Complete Guide

Everyone wants to earn a return on their podcast. You can make money doing a podcast; however it must be high-quality. You should also be realistic, and this involves knowing your target audience. Here are some tips on how to make money doing podcasts.   Ways to...

How to Create a Name for a Podcast

If you are starting a new podcast, you will want to understand how to choose a name for a podcast. Podcasts are a fantastic way to get your brand heard and work well with a package of marketing materials that support each other to help...

Best Podcast Marketing Strategy (1)

Best Podcast Marketing Strategy

Whether you're a solopreneur or a large corporation, you can benefit from a podcast as part of your marketing strategy. If you already have a podcast but are unsatisfied with its direction, consult a podcast production agency like Produce Your Podcast. With a digital marketing...

Should You Follow Podcast Notes?

To be a successful podcast producer, you must plan your podcast episodes. This plan should include the basics, such as having the right podcast equipment, checking the sound, planning the location, etc. You should also include timelines for all aspects, including recording, editing, and the...

Podcast trends 2024

The 5 Podcast Trends 2024 You Need to Know

Whether you're a seasoned podcast host or new to podcasting, you’ll want to keep your podcast episodes current. It can be challenging to remain consistent with your program style and keep up with the current podcast trends, but you should consider them.   With Produce Your Podcast,...